The album of familly 

The album of familly 

analog photography

The album of family

film photographe, 2017

The album of famill, installation view

This photography experimental project The album of familly originates from a chance for getting negatives film. I saw these unknown negatives which were so familiar to me, but in which I could find people's connectivity. The program is called the ''the album of family'', described human growth which is a gradual sequence from birth, youth, adults, and aging and eventually becomes death. For each sequence, everyone experiences the same, as Schopenhauer said “will” guides us forward. 

Although people grow in different families, in these photos, we can find the same scene similar to our lives; such as reunion, traveling, family pictures, seasonal pictures, etc. People are used to taking pictures for recording the scenes in which everyone has a similar contrast in their life. These records become an association which is able to link themselves with the others, knowing that everyone is connected to each other.

In this project, these pictures are arranged in a new narrative, which is based on the narrative relationship linking past and future and reinterprets the scattered meaningless photos. With a linear arrangement of photos, I link pictures and sentences: he was born, he grew up, he is a child, he is familiar with others, he arrived, he left ... ... the subject in the sentence can be replaced with "I". That isolates people out of the photos, and separates people from scenery and brings out the separation of time and space. In this parallel relationship reflects people's collective memory, which is from the link of a family album from each other. Each of us is similar but different. The whole human is the largest family. 

wix album-00-13RGB.jpg
wix album-00-10RGB.jpg

The album of familly

Installation view

wix album-00-12RGB.jpg
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