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Speak in Floating Space


Speak in Floating Space is an installation project embracing different techniques such as ink-drawing, oil painting, and mixed media in order to construct the whole display. It explores the questions about language and communication at the basis of my project. It is divided into three sections: Parler intime, Conjunction in Between, Floating Space.

 ''Parler intime''in this series of creations, I have collected the wrinkles of the clothes from strangers, the scarfs from my daily life, and the drapes from classical art. These line-drawings are classified into three chapters of one book. Following the transformation of the lines, language itself disappears as it is absorbed into the line. The abstract replaces separated identities to access the emotions felt in common.

In art history, although words and texts are used especially in contemporary art, and texts have taken a major role in works from the 1960s onwards when the Dadaists began to deconstruct words. Words and their signification are no longer inseparably coherent, moreover, the words become motifs or images. Furthermore, the analysis of language, from Wittgenstein (1889-1951) to Derrida (1930-2004), emphasizes the arbitrary nature of signs , floating signifiers and texts without author or referents. 

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